This is my first this year and I already regret that I didn't participate earlier. I never dreamed that this is so much fun.

While others do this in , I am a bit old fashioned and try to learn .

Omg the FCC *actually* responded to our astronomer concerns about Starlink??? I’m in shock. We stopped the full megaconstellation disaster from destroying the sky. They’ve approved *less than one third* of the satellites.

@sundogplanets we did it!! - for now? Astronomical thank you to Dr. Lawrence!!

RIP to Christine McVie, who may have been the lowest-profile of Fleetwood Mac's songwriters, but may also have been my favorite.

The International Astronomical Union's Center for the Protection of the Dark and Quiet Sky from Satellite Constellation statement on the AST SpaceMobile BlueWalker 3 satellite and potential impacts to astronomy: "BlueWalker 3 is a big shift in the constellation satellite issue and should give us all reason to pause." #BW3


At sixty years old, the McMath-Pierce Solar Telescope is still one of the best looking astronomical facilities in the world.
(photo by KPNO/NOIRLab/NSF/AURA/P. Marenfeld)

ISS heute 17:03 und 18:40 Uhr MEZ über Deutschland. Leuchtet wie ein heller Stern und zieht innerhalb weniger Minuten von West nach Ost über den Himmel. Beim ersten Überflug dürfte es allerdings im Westen des Landes noch nicht dunkel genug sein.

#Introduction: Welcome to the #CMSexperiment! 😎
CMS stands for Compact Muon Solenoid 🧲.
It is a big collaboration involving more than 5000 #physicists, #engineers, #technicians, and #students from across the world. The CMS detector act as a huge camera 📸 designed specifically to record what’s happening when the #LHC at #CERN provides proton-proton or heavy ion collisions. ⚛️
Stay with us to #explore the secrets of #particlephysics!

It remains way past time to stop letting corporations unilaterally make a mess of the sky.


Elon Musk’s Starlink and other satellite sources of light pollution and orbital debris should face an environmental review, the U.S. Government Accountability Office finds


Rant on satellite constellations #SatCons 

It's interesting how many of the large #satellite constellations are named after famous astronomers or #astronomy objects: Beidou, Galaxy, Galileo, Kepler, Kosmos, Kuiper. Yet they will have a huge impact on amateur and professional #astronomy. And I don't think, that is beautiful. Rather a slap in your face... 😟

New metric prefixes needed because we make too much data!

The prefixes ronna and quetta represent 10^27 and 10^30, and ronto and quecto signify 10^−27 and 10^−30. Earth weighs around one ronnagram, and an electron’s mass is about one quectogram.

This is the first update to the prefix system since 1991, when zetta (10^21), zepto (10^−21), yotta (10^24) and yocto (10^−24) appeared. Peta and exa were added in 1975.

#FreedomBox is a private server for non-experts: it lets you install and configure server applications with only a few clicks. It runs on cheap hardware of your choice, uses your internet connection and power, and is under your control.

Please boost this. If you deactivate/delete your Tw*tter account, your @ handle will be publicly available in 30 days. The chances that you will be impersonated with no recourse is very high! Don’t do it - especially if you had a fairly popular account.

To wipe things, deactivate your account, then go to bird site /login and reactivate it. All of your followers will be gone. Now lock the account and let it rot. @semiphemeral is a great tool for wiping data, including DMs.


If you setup a Mastodon instance recently, you may not be aware of this mailing list for Mastodon admins to exchange best practices and tips:

There are many French admins there, but the list is English-speaking.

Cc @RGrunblatt @tedomum

PSA: Wenn ihr auch solche #Heizkosten​verteiler mit Funk habt, könnt ihr die monitorn und ins Grafana werfen.

Alles, was ihr dazu braucht ist ein günstiges rtl-sdr für ca 30€

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covid precautions 

I don't think I'm ready to eat out at a restaurant, which will make this a bit different than a pre-covid conference trip that involved lots of science discussion and socializing over meals - but as a parent/professor/farmer, ordering take-out and eating it all alone in my hotel room while doing nothing at all productive sounds ABSOLUTELY LUXURIOUS, and I don't think I'll ever get to do that if I don't go.

So... I really hope my body fights this off effectively by tomorrow!

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