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Anfang des Jahres gab es einen sechsstündigen Autokorso in Hamburg.
Auf einem Samstag.
Gegen hohe Spritpreise.
Apotheken konnten nicht beliefert werden, Nahverkehr kam zum Erliegen, Polizeieinsätze wurden verstärkt nötig, Rettungskräfte standen im Stau.
Habt ihr das mitbekommen?
Oder war das nur bei uns regional Thema?

I just looked this up for (another) media interview, so you should all know this too. There are currently 6,483 satellites in orbit. 3,273 of those are Starlinks, 461 are OneWeb. So about half of all satellites that have *ever been launched* were launched in the last ~3 years.


Because @redplanet00 asked: the #Gaia 1:1 model at #ESA's at ESAC. With a Victoria for size comparison 🙃

Gaia is ESA's billion star surveyor, revolutionizing our understanding of our own #MilkyWay. Here info on some of the exciting recent results - star quakes, the DNA of stars and more:


From what I understand so far, this is not a picture sharing platform. But I always love having some nice pictures between the content that I read and I hope others do, too. Plus I just want to show off a little with some of my #naturephotography and I'm currently planning my next #winter #hiking trip to experience the amazing #auroraborealis again. Gotta love #polarlights!

That moment when the star that we saw dying about 10 days ago gets brighter than then whole galactic centre, with millions of stars, of its host galaxy. In the next few days it will start dimming.

A tip for those who haven't seen this yet. #Mastodon has its own "#verification" system. Adding a link to your Mastodon profile from your website using the rel="me" attribute will #verify that the owner of both the site and profile are the same, and you get this nifty green highlight to show it.

Listen to the terrifying rumble of Earth's magnetic field being assaulted by a solar storm

So, finally my first picture of the sun. I hope lots of them will follow.

(F=600mm, D=80mm, Euro EMC filter with Baader AstroSolar foil, Baader Solar Continuum filter, ZWO ASI 120 MC)


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